Vroom raises $54 million to turn used car dealers into dinosaurs


“New York startup Vroom has raised $54 million to cut out old school auto dealers and let consumers buy (and finance) a used car via smartphone in just a few minutes.

In short, Vroom wants to make buying or selling a used car as quick and painless as ordering an Uber.”

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  1. Joel halpern 1 year AGO REPLY

    I collect cars this was the first and best buying car experience I have ever had. Hats off to the people who thought this idea through and implemented . Many thanks to Michael for helping me along the way kudos kudos

  2. Jim 1 year AGO REPLY

    A great experience selling my clean SUV to vroom. Pain free transaction from appraisal to pick up. I hope to find my new car soon and find out how it feels to pick out online and have delivered to my driveway. Appraisals are fair for a quick sale and yes they did beat carmax

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