Welcome to M-City, where autonomous cars learn to drive

M City Auto Drive Image

Think of all the surprising situations that arise during driving: a pedestrian darts out from behind parked cars, another driver makes an illegal turn at an intersection, a directional highway sign has been painted over by graffiti. Just like teenaged human drivers, autonomous vehicles have to learn to see and react to all the unpredictability that occurs on the road.

Enter M-City, a $10 million, 32-acre testing facility located on the University of Michigan campus. Complete with fake roadways, intersections, buildings, and pedestrians, M-City recreates the potentially dangerous situations of the road, including blind corners, unpredictable traffic, bridges, gravel roads, and more—all in a safe, controlled environment. 

The first facility of its kind, M-City was funded by a combination of educational, governmental, and corporate organizations. Once vehicles prove their worthiness at M-City, they can move on to real-world testing situations (thousands already roam the streets of Ann Arbor).

Investments like this are clear proof that driverless technology is on the way. Whether it’s five or 15 years from now, the day is coming where you’ll able to look through different self-driving vehicles in the Vroom inventory.

So tell us, are you interested in a car that lets you sit back and be the passenger?





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