Five movie cars that we love

If you want a list of best movie cars, the web has no shortage of them. But since we here at Vroom love both cars and movies, we just had to weigh in. So here are the movie cars we’d most like to own.

Fozzie’s Studebaker

A rare 1951 Studebaker Commander, a famous driver, and a….uh…unique custom paint job make Fozzie’s ride hard to beat. Plus, the Muppets sang “Movin’ Right Along” in it.

Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds

The original 1974 version of the film featured a 1971 Mustang, but for our money, nothing beats the 1967 fastback featured in the 2000 remake. With a Ford Racing 351-cubic-inch motor, four-wheel disc brakes, a limited-slip differential, and Holley four-barrel, it’s a legitimate hot rod too.

Doc Brown’s Delorean

You could make a case that the Delorean time machine was the biggest star of the Back to the Future series. It’d be exceedingly fun to drive around town in, even if you didn’t have a functioning Flux Capacitor.

Herbie the Love Bug

It’s easy to forget, but Herbie was one of the first autonomous cars. He had a mind of his own, was adept at winning races, and went out of his way to help his human counterparts. Just like the next car on this list, it’s distinctive paint scheme helped make it a star.

The General Lee

You’re right, the General Lee was the star of a TV show, not a movie. But it was featured in the Dukes of Hazzard feature film, so we’ll allow it. The ’69 Charger is one of the coolest American cars ever, and on the show, we all got to see it race down country roads, jump over rivers, and evade the police. General Lee = action star.

What did we miss? Have a favorite of your own? Let us know.

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